1 Million Dollar Homes from Across the World

With all the buzz about the real estate market in the U.S. and how it’s affecting real estate prices across, I decided to look into what US $1 Million will get you around the world and here’s a sampling of what I found:

Atlanta, GA, USA

Price: $1.05 million
Beds/Bath: 6 beds/6 bath
Amenities: A million dollars will get you far in Atlanta. This two-story brick manse has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, three fireplaces and a gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances. The interior boasts 10-foot ceilings, and the master bathroom includes both a garden tub and whirlpool. Outside, the property rests on a third of an acre and has a three-car garage and a backyard deck.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Price: $1.1 million
Beds/Bath: 4 bed

Amenities: This 7,500-square-foot home on just over one-half acre features four bedrooms, including a master suite with a dressing room and a bathroom with a whirlpool tub. The garden boasts a large veranda, in-ground pool and covered barbeque area.

For more information, please contact Reynolds Propiedades Argentina Real Estate.

Chicago, IL, USA

Price: $1.1 million
Beds/Bath: 4 bed

Amenities: Located in the historic Lakewood/Balmoral neighborhood of Chicago, this recently renovated townhome includes four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The large downstairs family room opens to a cedar deck and backyard with a gas barbeque hookup and a two-car garage. The kitchen has professional appliances and the entire first floor has been outfitted with radiant heat to offset those cold Windy City winters.

San Jose de Pinilla, Costa Rica

Price: $1 million
Beds/Bath: 3 bed/3bath

Amenities: This Spanish Colonial-inspired home sits on a half-acre within the Reserva de Golf beach community in the Guanacaste region of the country. It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a solarium and spacious kitchen as well as maid’s and guest rooms and an outdoor pool.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Price: $1 million
Beds/Bath: 4 bed/3.5bath

Amenities: This contemporary masterpiece boasts four bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms, as well as a massive chef’s kitchen and expansive, covered patio for outdoor entertaining. Health nuts will find much to keep them occupied in the gym room while the busy executive can hunker down in the home office.

London, UK

Price: $1 million
Beds/Bath: 2 bed/1bath

Amenities: The dollar may be weak compared with the pound, but with a million of them, you can buy a two-bedroom, one-bathroom, second-floor apartment in this stately Victorian building in Belsize Village, a neighborhood filled with restaurants and shops just northwest of downtown London.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Price: $1.07 million
Beds/Bath: 5 bed/3.5bath

Amenities: Built in 1891, this Queen Anne Victorian is a California historical cultural landmark dubbed the Ernest Wood House. Three stories, with wood-carved stairway railings, the 2,880-square-foot home has five bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths, hardwood floors, a formal dining room and five fireplaces. Outside, a covered wrap-around porch looks out on the landscaped yards and gardens of this 13,000-square-foot lot, which includes a backyard gazebo.

New York, NY, USA

Price: $1.05 million
Beds/Bath: 3 bed/3bath

Amenities: Though only 794 square feet, this midtown apartment has sweeping views of downtown Manhattan, the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty through its floor-to-ceiling windows. The one-bedroom, one-bathroom space is in the Orion building, which has a health club, 60-foot lap pool, Jacuzzis, saunas, a screening room, onsite concierge service and free breakfast for residents.
Paris, France

Price: $1 million
Beds/Bath: 3 bed/2bath

Amenities: Located in the 20th arrondissement of Nation, this three-level townhouse on a quiet lane features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living and dining rooms and a study, which faces a 260-square-foot private garden. There is also a wine cellar for oenophiles to store their Loire Valley bottles.

Rome, Italy

Price: $1 million
Beds/Bath: 2 bed/2bath

Amenities: Boasting beamed wooden ceilings, a living room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms, this restored apartment is on the third floor of the medieval building, pictured, in Via San Cosimato, which is close to the Piazza San Maria in Trastevere.
Sydney, Australia

Price: $1.15 million
Beds/Bath: 3 bed/2bath

Amenities: Designed to take advantage of its position on Sydney Harbor, this three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment has expansive views from its north-facing balcony. Set in the Jacksons Landing waterfront, the apartment has a gourmet kitchen with marble floors and stainless steel appliances, two parking spaces, walk-in closets in all bedrooms and access to tennis courts, a pool, a gym and nearby harborside parks.
Tel Aviv, Israel

Price: $1.2 million
Beds/Bath: 5 bed/5bath

Amenities: Not only does this immaculately kept penthouse offer stunning sea views and a spacious outdoor deck, but living areas are suitable for entertaining and five bedrooms.

Tokyo, Japan

Price: $1.1 million
Beds/Bath: 4 bed/3bath

Amenities: This 1,700-square-foot, four-bedroom home is located in the Megoro-Ku section of the city, which offers fine dining and shopping, as well as quiet residential areas. It has parking for two cars and a traditional Tatami, or meditation, room.

Toronto, Canada

Price: $1.2 million
Beds/Bath: 2 bed/3bath

Amenities: A two-bedroom, three-bathroom condo is one of 45 custom-designed apartment in this elegant building that offers residents an indoor pool and fitness center, formal gardens, a billiards room and a library that can be used for entertaining.

Top 100 Organically Ranked Domains

Well, once more, being the curious loveable lover of long lists that I was lead in search of the top performing websites in search engines. Well, after searching vigorouusly, I found that very data, presented using a great customizable webscraper called Velocityscape. Velocitscape appears to have a suite of powerful data gathering tools. Definitely worth the download of the demos at least. Spyfu, for example – an Alexa style web data repository – is powered by Velocityscape macros. I will strive to keep this data updated and repost it every now and then.

Rank Domain Total Organic Results

1 yahoo.com 1549769

2 ebay.com 1519410

3 amazon.com 1467135

4 wikipedia.org 1215115

5 about.com 738624

6 blogspot.com 728314

7 craigslist.org 711328

8 google.com 696807

9 findarticles.com 596109

10 answers.com 546739

11 bizrate.com 466304

12 shopping.com 462951

13 msn.com 434465

14 epinions.com 432106

15 microsoft.com 407068

16 amazon.co.uk 375818

17 nextag.com 336002

18 dealtime.com 303313

19 aol.com 299166

20 nih.gov 298090

21 youtube.com 280754

22 cnet.com 273855

23 imdb.com 259333

24 pricegrabber.com 257717

25 myspace.com 230585

26 mysimon.com 207543

27 nytimes.com 199216

28 geocities.com 197176

29 bbc.co.uk 192336

30 howstuffworks.com 178672

31 citysearch.com 175972

32 wordpress.com 174319

33 techrepublic.com.com 171745

34 freepatentsonline.com 165903

35 webshots.com 164529

36 ebay.co.uk 153907

37 alibaba.com 149448

38 ezinearticles.com 148469

39 ciao.co.uk 145855

40 jstor.org 145088

41 springerlink.com 141290

42 gc.ca 136163

43 thefreedictionary.com 134824

44 hp.com 132846

45 typepad.com 129271

46 ingentaconnect.com 129202

47 ibm.com 129081

48 tripod.com 126243

49 sun.com 126182

50 ecnext.com 126127

51 dmoz.org 124947

52 business.com 123069

53 tripadvisor.com 121692

54 eurekster.com 117020

55 patentstorm.us 116787

56 topix.net 116694

57 ieee.org 114765

58 elsevier.com 114098

59 cduniverse.com 114064

60 amazon.ca 113650

61 ign.com 113454

62 softpedia.com 111212

63 flickr.com 110112

64 careerbuilder.com 110050

65 squidoo.com 108716

66 harvard.edu 106433

67 sourceforge.net 105462

68 cnn.com 103743

69 spyfu.com 103389

70 go.com 102925

71 superpages.com 102675

72 blackwell-synergy.com 101140

73 mit.edu 98210

74 qarchive.org 96697

75 netscape.com 95423

76 ca.gov 94173

77 stanford.edu 92956

78 ebay.ca 92815

79 apple.com 89621

80 apache.org 88423

81 allexperts.com 88333

82 zdnet.com 85424

83 berkeley.edu 84356

84 freedownloadscenter.com 84299

85 oxfordjournals.org 83961

86 ed.gov 82396

87 angelfire.com 80485

88 rhapsody.com 80417

89 britannica.com 79801

90 sortprice.com 76734

91 bizjournals.com 76642

92 nasa.gov 75681

93 usatoday.com 74114

94 inist.fr 73984

95 findlaw.com 72954

96 washingtonpost.com 72928

97 city-data.com 72896

98 associatedcontent.com 72867

99 barnesandnoble.com 72670

100 psu.edu 71307

Last updated 9/1/07. Data is based upon 370,681,167 search results on 1,891,375 keywords across 7,513,090 domains. This data is for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for the accuracy of this data.

Rejected Ipod engravings – who knew?

Here’s a great list I stumbled upon on the internet recently. It’s a compilation of rejected Ipod engravings. Yes, even your most personal expressions on the back of your music player are censored by “The Man”. Enjoy.

10,000 Stolen Tunes Inside
Not to be used as a suppository.
When my battery dies, so will you.
Not responsible for prolonged damage to the ear & brain.
iPod Limited Edition: Retard Compatible
Rip, Mix, & Burn Down RIAA Headquarters
Cocaine and razor blade not included
Lick My Shiny Metal Ass
karma is a bitch
Something small & white that Enrique Eglasias Isn’t In.
I play with myself.
Steal this? Will self destruct when used.
Screwing The RIAA One Download At A Time
I cost more per ounce than cocaine.
This iPod will self destruct in 1 year.

Below are some barely legal inscriptions made it on to Ipods but were just as funny and or clever.

Your mamma uses a walkman.
One time at band camp.
49 20 66 75 63 6b 69 6e 67 72 75 6c 65 (translation: I ***** rule in HEX)
I don’t need good taste, I’ve got selection.
Kiss me, I’ve got Irish music.
To all the Chinese children who made my iPod, Thanks!
George Bush Hates Black People ~Kayne West
I Don’t Do Windows ~Anonymous
Trapped in iPod factory. Please send help
Me vs. RIAA: Exhibit A
My other iPod is a Millenium Falcon
teal At Your Own Risk. Bomb Installed
Mic0s0f7 5ux a$$
I may be small and white but at least I’ve got a big disk!
Scratch your balls, not my metal.
Who said Apple sucks?
Save water, drink beer and shower together
Now you have two little white pocket rockets.
People will pay more to be entertained than educated.
WARNING: Contains Yanni Box Set
10,000 reasons to ignore my wife
If only women’s buttons were this easy to push.
This iPod makes up for my small hard disk.
Once you go small and white…
98% Liberace-free
Harmful If Swallowed
Dear [insert name], Thanks for the iPod idea. ~Steve Jobs
I’m so trendy look at my white headphones!
Size Does Matter
Musically Disturbed
Weapons of Mass Distraction Inside
Caution: Do not insert product into anus
Contents Under Pressure from RIAA
My other handheld is a PocketPC
CDs are for amish people!
Quarter free jukebox
Why drink and drive, When you can smoke and fly.
I last 8 hrs. You last 2 minutes. Who’s the man?
My iPod can beat up your honor roll student
Say hello to my little friend

Disney Christmas – Get the maximum mouse by planning ahead.

Advanced Planning the Key to Holiday Success at Walt Disney World

The holidays are approaching rapidly and with so many events at Walt Disney World® this season, planning ahead will prevent you from missing a major part of Disney’s holiday celebration. Disney World will be featuring a variety of new and exciting events that promise this year’s holiday season to be better than ever. It is important for visitors to understand that in order to take full advantage of the holiday vacations, advanced planning is critical in order to save time and money while maximizing the holiday experience. The key to enjoying all the special events at Disney World this season is to be well-informed about the major events and planning ahead so that once in the park, you do not lose any time and go straight to what you want to experience. This year Disney World will be featuring seven outstanding and major holiday-themed events. From Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party to The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights the variety is unlimited and entertainment will be available for the whole family. This article contains a guide and descriptions of key events that will take place at Disney World and will help you plan in advanced your holiday vacation.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – Nov. 12 – Dec. 21, 2007
Celebrate the spirit of the holidays at “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!” This wonderful holiday event takes place in Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park on select nights from November 12 to December 21, 2007. The fantastic Mickey’s Merry Christmas Party parade features Mickey and Minnie Mouse with their friends having fun with park visitors as they walk through Main Street. Special performances, spectacular holiday wishes fireworks and even falling snow are part of this incredible parade. To stay awake for the grand finale, where Santa makes his debut, complimentary hot cocoa and cookies are offered. The cheerful “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party” is a great option to explore during your holiday vacation in Orlando.

Holidays Around The World – Nov. 23 – Dec. 30, 2007
What better way to celebrate all around the globe the joyous holiday season than at Epcot’s “Holidays Around the World” event? Among the shows featured is a nightly Candlelight Processional, where an invited celebrity narrates the Christmas story accompanied by a fine 50-piece orchestra and a fantastic choir. Another excellent show is the “ IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth,” whichshowcases over 1,000 fireworks, an amazing floating Earth Globe that has state-of-the-art LED screens and lots of great music. Holiday stories from all over the world are told by special invitees, including France’s Père Noël, Italy’s LaBefana and America’s Santa Claus. Other events that cannot be missed at Holidays Around the World are The Mickey Tree Lighting Treat and Lights of Winter.

The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights – Nov. 12, 2007 – Jan. 6, 2008
If you are looking for a different experience where the holiday spirit shines all over the place, The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is the perfect event . Millions of blinking, twinkling and colorful lights decorate New York Street at Disney-MGM Studios while dancing in a choreographed motion to splendid holiday music. Beautiful Christmas trees , heavenly angels, sparkling snowflakes and various three-dimensional and motion-based displays adorn the streets making visitors feel and enjoy the spirit of the holiday season at Disney World.

Mickey’s Jingle Jungle Parade – Nov. 12, 2007 – Jan. 6 2008
Mickey’s Jingle Jungle is a colorful and lively parade that takes place in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Mickey Mouse, Donald, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and other friends go for a great jungle adventure while fun performances take place and magnificent holiday music plays. The cheerful and exotic Mickey’s Jingle Jungle paradeis known for its outstanding abstract animal images, amazing designs made with natural materials and fabrics, and unique holiday decorations.

Festival of the Seasons – Nov. 23 – December 24, 2007
Festival of the Seasons at Downtown Disney provides a spectacular holiday shopping experience. All the Disney stores are decorated for the holidays and feature a great variety of holiday merchandise. Live entertainment, wonderful light consistent displays, Santa’s presence, magnicifinet music and friendly performers make the holiday shopping experience enjoyable and fun. Some of the stores at Downtown Disney are: Once Upon a Toy, Virgin™ Megastore, LEGO® Imagination Center and Disney’s Days of Christmas.

Harlem Gospel Choir at Disney-MGM Studios – Nov. 30 – Dec. 25, 2007
The world-famous Harlem Gospel Choir takes the stage at Disney-MGM Studios during the months of November and December. The energetic and magnificent choir will fill your holidays with glorious music, contagious faith and lots of happiness. The amazing Harlem Gospel Choir was founded in 1986 and has shared the staged with artists of the caliber of Diana Ross, Jimmy Cliff and Bono. Besides rejuvenating people’s spirits through its wonderful music, the choir is committed to raising funds for children’s charities and was recognized for its outstanding work by Pope John Paul II.

New Year’s Eve At Walt Disney World Resort – Dec. 31, 2007
Disney World has a variety of options to countdown The New Year. Disney-MGM Studios, Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney will be celebrating the arrival of the 2008 with music, festivities and entertainment.

When it comes to celebrating the holidays at Walt Disney World with your family, many choices are available. As a result, an organized plan of holiday activities is a great idea to save time and enjoy to the fullest the holiday season at Walt Disney World.

“Having a good idea of the events that your family wants to enjoy and advanced planning is the recipe for a wonderful holiday vacation,” said Kyle Collins, Director of Interactive Marketing at HotelsCorp.com. “I would recommend searching the Internet and booking your activities as far in advance as possible, this will alleviate some of the last minute holiday stress that happens to everyone.”