Oh my God…

This is where I comment on the world from the point of view of someone who is “deeply religious”…and God I hate that phrase “deeply religious”…ugh but that’s for another post.

Hey Mon…

Hey mon is my little space where I get to vent about the mostly hilarious and sometimes tragic experience that is American as taken from the point of view of a transplanted foreign (Jamaican) national.

Thrown under the bus.

So…that’s what it feels like. The painful feeling of 10 ton bearing wheels running over your head, dislocating each skullbone bit by bit. Alright, alright, maybe a bit too graphic and extreme an illustration but being thrown under the bus on the job is not exactly the most fun thing. Especially when the thrower is someone you didn’t expect to do it to you.

For those of you who don’t quite get it…like I didn’t until several months ago….”being thrown under the bus”  loosely refers to being abandoned in the heat of the battle by your colleagues and left to absorb the brunt of the fiery toungue lashing darts of the boss…while standing in the dung of failure of some sort.

For me it was a real eyeopener…not so much in the sense of “now you know who your friends are” but more in the sense of “now I know (a bit better) who I am”…Yes, I was able to get up and brush it off [eventually]. Not that I didn’t go through the grieving phases….Denial…anger…coming to terms…looking forward ( I may have left out/rephrased a phase or 2 but whatever..I’m no Freud)…but having had my 3 hours to mull over and eventually dissmiss my surely ill-fated thoughts of revenge….I finally sat down to seal my healing by writing this blog.

So for those of you who feel or have felt random abandonment by friends or colleagues when under fire….take courage in that you’re still alive and so long as the round world turns, to each will be returned their own medicine…and the great thing is that you don’t have to have anything to do with it.