Drunk Dog

Location: Darliston, Westmoreland, Jamaica

Photoshop used to: Resize, Black and white conversion and levels


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Ant on the line

Ant on the line. I know I could do a lot more with some of these images in photoshop but I really want to leave them as close to the original as possible just to show what I can be gotten from cheap Kodak point & click

photoshop use: resize, slight adjustment of levels

ant on the line

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Pushing my point and shoot camera to the limit!

I would never consider myself a photographer by any means, but I used to be an art director, so I hung around photographers a lot and listened to them talk and answered their most technical of questions with confidence, as if I knew what the heck they were talking about. So of course I was really excited when I finally bought my first digital camera – a point and shoot (kodak easyshare no less)…it was after careful consideration and I convinced myself that I didn’t want to shell out for a digital SLR with a baby on the way. So having bought this sub-$200 camera and put it through its paces with 1000’s of baby pictures, I have decided as a project to see how close to fantastic I can get from it, with its very limited controls and settings and flash.

I will post, what in my opinion are my best pictures here, mostly some will be slightly potoshopped (BW, levels, etc.) but I will say so whenever they have been adjusted.

The below picture was taken on my most recent trip to Jamaica. It is a shot of the sunset from Montego Bay’s “Hip Strip” aka Gloucester Ave.

Photoshop usage: resizing.

Montego Bay Hip Strip

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