Rihanna You Da One Ratid Remix

Does the $700 Canon Rebel T1i really shoot better HD video than $2700 Canon 5D?

You be the judge. Comparison video of HD recordings from the new Canon Rebel T1i/500D 15MP single lens reflex camera as compared to the Canon 5D Mark II released in September of 2008. Both cameras were set side by side, shooting the same subjects with similar lenses.

AYO Technology Remix – 50 cent feat. Justin Timberlake Timbaland

On a whim, I decided to remix AYO Technology by 50 cent feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. Took about 4 hours from start to finish (a new record for me ;) )Music was created using Reason 3.0 and final mix done in Sonar.

What’s new at Disney.

A incredible array of new attractions, live entertainment and special events is on tap at Walt Disney World Resort during the upcoming year as Disney extends its Year of a Million Dream celebration throughout 2008. As part of the 2008 Year of a Million Dreams celebration, Disney will also award more than one million more dreams through the Disney Dreams Giveaway.

As an encore to the successful 2007 Year of a Million Dreams, Disney promises that the 2008 Year of a Million Dreams will boast “more dreams,” “even bigger dreams, “more dreams money can’t buy” and “more dreams that only Disney can make true.” For example, the 2008 Disney Dreams Giveaway will include such “over-the-top experiences” as a New Year’s Eve night stay inside Cinderella Castle Suite at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, a star-studded trip to the “High School Musical 3” film premiere, a flight in a a hot air balloon high above a Disney World theme park and a private day at Disney’s tropical island paradise, Castaway Cay.

During the 2008 Year of a Million Dreams, Disney will also award hundreds of thousands of other dreams in various shapes and sizes such as Dream FASTPASS badges, special viewing for Disney parades, Disney shopping sprees, gourmet Disney dining packages, special Dream Mouse Ears, Dream pin sets and additional hours (known as Dream Times) for chosen guests to enjoy a Disney theme park.

In addition to the 2008 Disney Dreams Giveaway, Walt Disney World Resort will add the following new attractions and live entertainment:

Toy Story Mania!
The newest attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly Disney-MGM Studios), Toy Story Mania! will make its debut during the summer of 2008. Inspired by the classic Disney•Pixar animated film, Toy Story, Toy Story Mania! features state-of-the-art, 3-D technology to create an interactive ride-through video game. Using spring-action “shooters,” guests score points by launching darts at balloons, throwing eggs at barnyard targets and tossing rings at aliens.

Block Party Bash
Disney’s Hollywood Studios will also introduce an all-new Disney•Pixar-inspired parade, Block Party Bash, which will allow guests to dance along with their favorite characters from such hit Disney animated films as Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille and Monsters, Inc.

High School Musical 2: School’s Out!
Catch “Wildcat fever” as the High School Musical 2: School’s Out interactive show makes its debut at Walt Disney World Resort with a high-energy cast that sings and dances to hit tunes from the incredibly successful Disney Channel original film, “High School Musical 2: School’s Out!” This lively show will be presented multiple times daily at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
Jedi Training Academy
Learn the “Ways of the Force” at Jedi Training Academy, an intergalactic entertainment experience where young Jedi students can learn lightsaber moves from a Jedi Master before facing off in the ultimate test against the evil Darth Vader from the Star Wars films. Jedi Training Academy will take place several times daily at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Play House Disney-Live on Stage!

The revamped Play House Disney show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will come alive with a whole new group of characters from popular Disney Channel programs such as “Little Einsteins,” “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” “Handy Manny” and much more.

Pirates of the Caribbean Skill Tests
Captain Jack Sparrow, the star of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean films, and his band of buccaneers lead a series of pirate “skill tests” to find honorary crew members at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Woody’s Cowboy Camp!
A “rootin’ tootin’ good time” for all ages, Woody’s Cowboy Camp! features favorite characters from the Disney•Pixar film, Toy Story 2, such as Woody, Jessie and Bullseye. Test your skills on an Old West obstacle course, as well as sing and dance with all of the cowpokes at Woody’s Cowboy Camp!

Magical Main Street, U.S.A. Parade
Parade down Main Street, U.S.A. in Disney’s Magic Kingdom alongside your favorite Disney characters in this star-studded interactive parade! The Magical Main Street, U.S.A. Parade will feature colorful parade floats, a marching band and old-time fire truck.

“With the extension of the Year of a Million Dreams celebration into 2008 and all of the great new attractions and live shows planned at Disney World for the upcoming year, it’s essential that you plan ahead to get the most out of your Disney World vacation getaway,” said Kyle Collins, Director of Interactive Marketing at HotelsCorp.com. “By booking your Disney World vacation online today, you will enjoy incredible savings on Disney hotels, theme park tickets and vacation packages.”

Simpsons intro video collection

Some of the best intro videos from The Simpsons.

Even though this isn’t an intro to the show, it was cool anyways

The most useless facts known to man.

“No offense to the French people…[but] hanging a pig in public is just plain dumb!”

The 15 Most Iconic Cars from movies

Well being the lover of lists that I am, I put together my picks for the 15 most iconic cars from the movies. Feel free to let me know how you feel about my list…what would you add or take away?

15. Lamborghini Countach from Canonball Run
This was the first time I really noticed the Lamborghini…what a car!

14. BMW Z3 from Goldeneye
It was our first chance to see the new Beamer and what a showing it was. (NB. video is not from the movie)

13. Eleanor from Gone in Sixty Seconds
I don’t know what Nicholas Cage was talking about but lots of people would consider themselves lucky to have a car like that.

12.”Black Moon” from Black Moon Rising
Nothing is more Rad than a super-futuristic 80’s sports car.

11. Bumble Bee from The Transformers Movie
Because we all wish to be blessed with such an awesome babe magnet!

10. Lightening McQueen from Cars
Loveable, NASCAR, Disney, Pixar, kids…all the great ingredients for marketing magic (minus the cute puppies)

9. Blues Brothers Police Car from The Blues Brothers
How much did this scene cost to film this scene?

8. Eco 1 from The Ghostbusters movies
A converted ambulance…what genius!

7. Christine from Christine
To this day I still get antsy whenever I see a Plymouth Fury…especially in Red.

6. Ford Gran Tourino from Starsky & Hutch
Back when Ford stood for great american cars, rather than “Fix or Replace Daily”. One of my favorite TV shows ever, I watched Starsky and Hutch religiously (in re-runs) as a kid. If this were a TV car list this would be way higher.

5. The General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard
It took me years before I realised that there really was no common technology that would allow you to flip a switch and make your car jump. That Dodge Challenger has one of the most awesome sounding engines ever.

4. Bandit 1 from Smokey and The Bandit
Oh I long for the days when beer haulin’, basset hound having, Trans Am driving movie heroes meant top spot at the Box Office.

3. The Batmobile from Batman
When batman first came out, I thought this was the most incredible vehicle ever (next to K.I.T.T of course :).

2. Herbie from The Lovebug
Back when men were men and cars were living ’63 Volkswagen Beetles.

1. DMC-12 from Back to the Future.
Time circuits on, flux capacitor fluxing…Engine…D’ oh! I guess that’s one reason why De Lorean never quite made it commercially the first time.
(Incidentally, according to Wikipedia, Deloreans are back in production in Houston)

Honorable Mention:
K.I.T.T. The most awesome car to hit the big or small screen :) and my personal favorite.
(So..hurry up with the Knight Rider movie already!)

Mini Coopers from the original Italian Job – starring Michael Caine.
Stuntmen back in the day were pretty daring…especially without the fancy remote control systems and CGI we have today.

The Mustang GT fastback from Bullitt
One of the earliest and most influential car chase scenes of the movies came from Bullitt.