I hate in-store shopping

So…today I went shopping with my wife and once more, as every time, I was painfully reminded of why I hate store shopping. So I thought that while I waited for her to complete her sojourn through the mini-mall…I’d whip out my laptop and see how quickly I could make tangible the ill feelings I have towards retail stores.

Reasons why I hate store shopping – based on my experience? (And besides just being a guy….)

– I am lazy at heart

– It’s inefficient: products are placed all over the store (on purpose) to maximize the amount of time you spend in the store!! – all we all know how that goes.

– Price comparisons are nearly impossible!

– You are forced to talk to people who’d really rather not be talking to you.

– Retail staff always seem knowledgeable about every feature of a product except the feature that you’re really really really interested in.

– The piece of clothing/shoes that you really want is never there in your size/desired color at that specific moment…come back 2 days later, after you bought the next best thing…and someone just happened to find a set lying around in some back room and put them out…but never at the moment you want it – always after.

– The model/color on the flier is not the same model in the store.

– Finding parking on a Saturday afternoon at 3 o’clock …or for that matter, at anytime when it is convenient to go store shopping.

– They are always closing just as you have found what you want…especially after you’ve trekked halfway across town after work.

– Having to come up with a reason why you’re returning it.

– The customer Service/Returns line at Walmart – Yes we do shop at Waltmart…I don’t know why though!! Oy!

+ On the plus side, you do get try stuff out before you buy it. J

Reasons I love online buying.

+ I am lazy at heart

+ No sales pressure

+ Efficient and quick comparison shopping

+ No driving involved

+ No closing hours

– On the downside, you can’t really try it out and returning is a pain..and is usually costly.

What do you hate about shopping?

DISCLAIMER: I don’t have anything against retail store staff members, and I do respect the fact that do well with a potential very sucky job….but it’s just that sometimes some people do let the jobs get to them.