The Basics of SEO…Learn as I learn.

Back to basics

So… you may be sitting there frustrated, pulling your hair out, like I was just six months ago, trying to figure out why I’m not appearing in the search engines for anything other than my domain name in quotation marks – eg. “” and you’ve been working very hard customizing pages, putting in keywords, or not even….maybe you don’t even know what I am talking about or where to start. In my SEO blog here, I will always try to cite examples and point you to the useful websites I come across daily in my quest to be a better SEO.

Now before we go any further, you will need to know some basic HTML and at least the basic components that make up a webpage meta, title, body tags. If you need to learn HTML quickly, search “learn HTML” in google and you will be bombarded by a host of free tutorials. A great one can be found at: Learn HTML. Also, for the most part I will be refering largely to google and methods of conquering its Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)…largely becasue they are the most popular, and they have excellent tools for tracking small successes…plus replicating similar successes in other search engines should either be automatic or a matter of making minor adjustments.