The 15 Most Iconic Cars from movies

Well being the lover of lists that I am, I put together my picks for the 15 most iconic cars from the movies. Feel free to let me know how you feel about my list…what would you add or take away?

15. Lamborghini Countach from Canonball Run
This was the first time I really noticed the Lamborghini…what a car!

14. BMW Z3 from Goldeneye
It was our first chance to see the new Beamer and what a showing it was. (NB. video is not from the movie)

13. Eleanor from Gone in Sixty Seconds
I don’t know what Nicholas Cage was talking about but lots of people would consider themselves lucky to have a car like that.

12.”Black Moon” from Black Moon Rising
Nothing is more Rad than a super-futuristic 80’s sports car.

11. Bumble Bee from The Transformers Movie
Because we all wish to be blessed with such an awesome babe magnet!

10. Lightening McQueen from Cars
Loveable, NASCAR, Disney, Pixar, kids…all the great ingredients for marketing magic (minus the cute puppies)

9. Blues Brothers Police Car from The Blues Brothers
How much did this scene cost to film this scene?

8. Eco 1 from The Ghostbusters movies
A converted ambulance…what genius!

7. Christine from Christine
To this day I still get antsy whenever I see a Plymouth Fury…especially in Red.

6. Ford Gran Tourino from Starsky & Hutch
Back when Ford stood for great american cars, rather than “Fix or Replace Daily”. One of my favorite TV shows ever, I watched Starsky and Hutch religiously (in re-runs) as a kid. If this were a TV car list this would be way higher.

5. The General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard
It took me years before I realised that there really was no common technology that would allow you to flip a switch and make your car jump. That Dodge Challenger has one of the most awesome sounding engines ever.

4. Bandit 1 from Smokey and The Bandit
Oh I long for the days when beer haulin’, basset hound having, Trans Am driving movie heroes meant top spot at the Box Office.

3. The Batmobile from Batman
When batman first came out, I thought this was the most incredible vehicle ever (next to K.I.T.T of course :).

2. Herbie from The Lovebug
Back when men were men and cars were living ’63 Volkswagen Beetles.

1. DMC-12 from Back to the Future.
Time circuits on, flux capacitor fluxing…Engine…D’ oh! I guess that’s one reason why De Lorean never quite made it commercially the first time.
(Incidentally, according to Wikipedia, Deloreans are back in production in Houston)

Honorable Mention:
K.I.T.T. The most awesome car to hit the big or small screen :) and my personal favorite.
(So..hurry up with the Knight Rider movie already!)

Mini Coopers from the original Italian Job – starring Michael Caine.
Stuntmen back in the day were pretty daring…especially without the fancy remote control systems and CGI we have today.

The Mustang GT fastback from Bullitt
One of the earliest and most influential car chase scenes of the movies came from Bullitt.


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  2. You forgot:
    The car in Bullitt
    The minis in The (original) Italian Job.

  3. Good call…I’ve gone ahead and added them. Thanks!

  4. what about herbie? a cartoon makes it but the lovebug doesn’t? sacrilege

  5. good post, leave a comment in my blog please =)

  6. Criminy…what are you talking about…The Lovebug is No.2!

  7. The Ferrari Daytona California and the Shelby Cobra 427 SC from the ‘Gumball Rally’. Two of the best, beautiful and meanest cars ever produced!

  8. You obviously are no gearhead and don’t know **** about cars. Terrible list.

    You put a ****ing DISNEY fake car on the list and skipped over The Car from Two Lane Blacktop?
    That 55 Chevy is a cult legend to any real American gearhead.

    The hand crafted Shelby Mustang from Bullitt gets honorable mention?

    Where’s the V-8 Intercept from Mad Max/Road Warrior?

    Since when are Starsky & Hutch or Dukes of Hazard movies?

    Transformers? Are you kidding?

    Where’s the Jame Bond Austin Martin?

    Where’s the American Graffiti yellow 32 coupe or white Thunderbird?

    You obviously drive a four door sedan in the slow lane.

  9. Hmmm…how about the dodge turbo intercepter from the movie the wraith? That was one awesome car…and to think Charlie sheen drove it…lol

  10. The Wraith…That was an awsome car…..Also The Charger in crazy mary dirtty larry. With Peter Fonda. It was a yellow 69 Dodge Charger R/T with a 440 cubic inch V-8 engine…And I almost cryed when they T boned the train at the end…

    I have to say the ‘LAst of the V8 interceptors” Mad Max’s car was bad azz…Just watched that 2 days ago.

  11. What about the 1973 yellow Oldsmobile Delta 88 in every Sam Raimi movie made except “The Quick and the Dead.” Darkman, A simple Plan, All 3 spiderman movies, Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, The Gift, and a quite few more. It has more credits in movies than most of the actors.

  12. I don’t think, like Name says, that you need to be a gearhead to put a list like this together. However, the omission of James Bond’s Aston Martin and Steve McQueen’s Mustang from Bullitt only rating an honorable mention are pretty huge oversights.

  13. Hello- the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo?!?!

    However- I’m offering a free entry into the sept 29th Orlando to LA Fireball Run to any one entering in an iconic movie car. The entry fee is $4500.00- so you save $4500.00 but it has to make it from Orlando to LA. Email J. Sanchez if you “really” got the car.

  14. my bad…so he is…great list, then.

  15. The delorean is my personal favourite, I would actually buy one if I could afford it. I just don’t like it’s engine….

  16. there is a guy down in Texas who is workking on prodcing the Delorean again. His intent is to put more engine in it, but primarily leave it like the originak

  17. Good list. A couple of suggestions though. Sean Connery’s Aston Martin DB5 in the early Bond films was surely more iconic than the BMW Z3?! I mean James Bond is a true-blue Brit remember, and the producers only got the BMW because they gave them loads of money. Product placement was in its infancy in the 60s, so they chose the DB5 cos that’s what JB should have. Note that they’ve done a U-turn on this BMW bit… He’s back driving an Aston. I so so so agree that the De Lorean should be number 1!!! Even if it’s a shit car! And I wouldn’t have thought of that hideous, but charming Citroen DS estate (I think) in Ghostbusters. Good move. How about an honourable mention for the big lorry in Duel? I know it’s not a car, but…

  18. What is the name of the movie, 70’s i think, driving in a car, having to cross the state line to get away, think they have it, says nothing can stop us now, then they run into a train?

    Driving me crazy

  19. What about the futuristic sportscar from Clockwork Orange?

  20. I’m surprised nobodys mentioned the Challenger from Vanishing Point yet.

  21. the mustang fastback shouldve been #1

  22. you forgot mr. bean’s car…talk about iconic…

  23. you have obviously never seen harold and maude:-?

  24. Awesome list! I agree with it wholeheartedly. I would like to own just one of those bad boys.

  25. The “General Lee” is a ’69 Dodge Charger, not a Dodge Challenger as you listed it. And you forgot the two best cars of all. The Yellow and Black ’69 Charger From “Crazy Mary and Dirty Larry” (You can see it destroyed by a train in the trailer for the “Fall Guy TV shows) and the ’70 Challenger from both versions of “Vanishing Point”.

  26. Also, fogot about the modified Lincoln from the movie “The Car” You can find a lot of movie cars from the following site.

  27. Where’s KITT?!

  28. Ur so fuckin dumb, the general lee was a 69 dodge charger, not a chalenger! U also forgot the goddamn mystery machine from scooby doo 1 and 2. AndLighting Mcween, what r u, 12? Stupid list! U also forgot the A-Team Van!!!! Dumb ass!!!

  29. Thanks for the list of videos.. all was iconic cars here! keep it up!

  30. Both Bullitt cars should be number one

  31. what about the car from ferris bullers day off?!!?!

  32. Do you know the make of a red (I think) sports car in an old Elizabeth Taylor movie?

  33. Not a great list for me

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