Cho Seung-Hui – Virginia Tech Massacre – Murderer Video

The multi-media tirade of Cho Seung-Hui, the individual who wreaked havoc on the VT Tech campus, sent to NBC . I stumbled on this while fishing around YouTube. My prayers are with the relatives of the victims of this tragic, tragic incident.



  1. It is a sad story, but I am not suprised that it happened. He made his choice in advance and how are you going to prevent it?

  2. This kid is sick. You can’t blame anyone but yourself for taking the lives of innocent people. He was messed up in the head, he could have seeked out counseling rather than slaughtering all those innocent kids. I hope he rots in hell

  3. I think if everyone knows what it’s like to be tormented every day of your life, you’d understand.. You’d get sick of it, you’d rebel.. He’s human and you can’t judge until you have completely understood what pain, maybe he had no one, maybe he never had a friend… don’t judge until you’ve really understood pain.

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